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Support martial arts coaches with they’re continuing education and nudge them towards evidence based learning


Enable martial arts clubs to grow their business using professional and ethical methods


Help martial arts coaches understand the needs of their members and what it takes to retain them

NEW children’s martial arts programme

We are currently working on a new research backed children’s martial arts programme specifically for UK clubs. This will be a ‘white label’ product that you can deliver under your own club branding. If you would like more details, please click on the button

Coach Phill Payne Founder was launched by Coach Phill Payne in January 2019. We hope the free blogs on this site will help coaches develop their own processes and systems in order to produce a win for their students, club and themselves. The balance between these three stakeholders will determine the sustainability of your service to your customers.

Coach Phill Payne started training in martial arts in 1990 and opened his first club in 1996. He has trained in Ju Jitsu, Taekwondo, Thai Boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. In 2008 he decided to leave his IT career and coach martial arts full time. He knew that if he wanted to provide a professional service to his members, he would need to educate himself in the latest coaching methods. At this time there was very little coach education available for martial artists so he completed the level 3 Personal Trainer course. Around the time he qualified as a Personal Trainer he heard about a Foundation Degree in Coaching and Performance management at a local college. Although he thought he maybe a little old to go back in to full time education, he went on to pass the foundation degree which he then topped up to a BSc (Hons) before completing an MSc in Sports Coaching at Leeds Beckett University. 

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