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The 6 Ps of martial arts club mastery

Martial arts clubs have many different objectives but one that most want to achieve and maintain is financial stability. In the early years of starting a club coaches are often working in a full time role unconnected with coaching while also trying to build their club in their spare time. Trying to improve your coaching skills while working full time is tough enough without even considering building your business skills and systems. Creating a financially stable club that is is not complicated but this is not the same as being easy. In essences to grow your club you simply need to obtain more students that you loose. To do this you need martial arts business systems.

We believe that you should not only be able to build a financially stable club but the club should also provide you and any staff with a reasonable income that is at least on par with what you could earn in a comparable role working for someone else. While it should be recognised that the business side of running a club is important, this should be done in an ethical manner. As martial artists it is important that we live the values we preach to our students.

In this blog you will find articles on all areas of martial arts business including club structures, finance, marketing and staffing. Feel free to use this information to help you construct your own business systems. You can either scroll through the various articles reading the summary or search for a specific topic or keyword. If you can not find an article on an area you would like to know a little more on, please click on the ‘Submit a request’ button and let us know.

We are always interested in hearing from writers in the sports / martial arts coaching field. If you feel that you would like to contribute towards this blog and you have written an article that you feel our members would like to read, please click on ‘ABOUT’ from the menu and send us an outline of your article along with any supporting references.

NEW children’s martial arts programme

We are currently working on a new research backed children’s martial arts programme specifically for UK clubs. This will be a ‘white label’ product that you can deliver under your own club branding. If you would like more details, please click on the button

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